Medication Access Reports

In the 2022 Medication Access Report, hear the obstacles and triumphs of patients accessing healthcare and medications in new ways, review data from provider, pharmacist, payer and biopharma perspectives and discover technology solutions that can drive toward a healthier, smarter more equitable medication access system. Click here to view the full report.

Over the last two years, healthcare evolved to address fluctuating demands. The COVID-19 pandemic gave urgency to personalized, digital healthcare access. Through adaptation and flexibility, new care models born from the pandemic could continue to transform healthcare.

This year's Medication Access Report details how the industry can embrace more accessible data to address patient disparities and inequities for proactive, patient-centric healthcare. Technology can help sharpen the focus on a healthier, smarter, more equitable medication access system for all patients.

Each patient has a different set of variables that affect access, affordability. Read about some of them here, in the Medication Access Report patient stories.

For a full list of patient as well as pharmaicst and provider perspectives, download the Medication Access Data Guide

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