RxBenefit Clarity™ Delivers Prescription Price Transparency to Providers on athenahealth’s Cloud-based EHR

COLUMBUS, OH, Oct. 23, 2018 - RelayHealth Pharmacy Solutions and CoverMyMeds, part of the McKesson Prescription Technology Solutions business, today announced the rollout of RxBenefit Clarity to athenahealth providers utilizing the company’s electronic health record (EHR), athenaClinicals. Providers utilizing the solution now have access to the most accurate patient pay and real-time benefit information in the physician’s prescribing workflow today.

To-date, athenahealth physicians have generated more than 65 million transactions giving them and their patients full transparency into the patient’s prescription benefit information within the prescribing workflow. With the addition of the athenahealth collaboration, RxBenefit Clarity is now used by more than 135,000 U.S. providers.

Medication non-adherence costs the U.S. health care system up to $289 billion and accounts for 10 percent of all hospitalization admissions.[ref] (https://www.covermymeds.com/main/insights/rtbc-scorecard/ "2018 Real-Time Benefit Check National Adoption Scorecard,CoverMyMeds, August 2018") The largest contributor to this non-adherence is the affordability of medication.[ref] (https://www.covermymeds.com/main/insights/rtbc-scorecard/ "2018 Real-Time Benefit Check National Adoption Scorecard,CoverMyMeds, August 2018") Without an accurate real-time benefit check solution, patients may arrive at the pharmacy to pick up their medication, unaware of what their out-of-pocket expense will be. As a result, patients often abandon the prescription due to the cost of the medication or a prior authorization (PA) requirement, delaying access to therapy.

“As an industry, we need to continue to embrace innovations that place the patient at the center of care—and creating transparency around prescription pricing is a critical first step,” said Evan Grossman, vice president of integration services at athenahealth. “Since going live with RxBenefit Clarity in March, athenaClinicals providers have shared pricing information with their patients millions of times each month, helping to drive workflow efficiencies and improve medication adherence overall.”

“Easily switching out medications and viewing prices within the workflow of the EHR allows me to better serve the needs of my patients at the moment of care and increases my confidence prescriptions will be filled and care plans will be followed,” said Dr. Jeffrey Cohn, Privia Medical Group.

“RxBenefit Clarity represents a true partnership among the provider, pharmacy and payer communities to improve patient health and reduce costs,” said Scott Genone, vice president and general manager of RelayHealth Pharmacy Solutions. “With prescription benefit information delivered upstream in the EHR workflow, physicians can help drive medication adherence by addressing common abandonment factors such as cost and prior authorization requirements. At the same time, the patient experience at the pharmacy is greatly improved. They arrive knowing how much they’ll have to pay for the prescription and with potential barriers – like a prior auth – already resolved. RxBenefit Clarity is the catalyst for helping patients get the medicine they need to live healthier lives.”

RxBenefit Clarity is the market-leading decision support solution that provides the most precise prescription benefit and prior authorization (PA) information across all payers directly at the point-of-prescribing. Leveraging RelayHealth Pharmacy Solutions' and CoverMyMeds' combined network of more than 62,000 pharmacies, 500 EHRs, and 700,000 providers, RxBenefit Clarity delivers the most accurate patient pay and real-time benefit information in the physician’s EHR prescribing workflow today. RxBenefit Clarity is an open and neutral platform that is now integrated in nearly a dozen EHRs and health systems nationwide. It is open to all pharmacies, EHRs, health systems and payers.

For more information about RxBenefit Clarity and its patient-centric network, visit go.covermymeds.com/rxbenefitclarity.