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How Tech Can Improve Provider Workflows for Specialty Medications

In a recent post on Drug Channels, our own Erica Conroy discussed how technology can be applied to the specialty prescribing process to help improve provider workflows.

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February 28th, 2020
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Erica explained some of the unique features of specialty medications that can make them burdensome for providers to prescribe and difficult for patients to access. Compared to traditional retail medications, specialty therapies require additional steps that must be completed before insurance coverage and dispense can be secured.

To best help providers through the extra administrative work for specialty medications, Erica explained that the traditional hub model for patient support services needs upgraded with tech integrations. Such changes can improve communication among healthcare stakeholders while accelerating how quickly steps can be completed.

She also introduced AMP: Access for More Patients™ as a tech-enabled upgrade to traditional hub services. In a recent pilot study, this solution helped to reduce time to therapy by 27 percent for patients prescribed a specialty medication.

Read Erica’s article and download the pilot study to learn how technology can enhance provider workflows for specialty therapies.

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CoverMyMeds Editorial Team

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