Specialty Therapy

Connecting Providers with Specialty Medication Technology

Ben Stormer from CoverMyMeds and Regina Murphy from RxCrossroads by McKesson discuss how technology can connect healthcare stakeholders like never before. Specifically, they talk about AMP: Access for More Patients™ — a tech-enabled approach for patient support that aims to help patients access and adhere to complex therapies.

Austin Raper, Ph.D.CoverMyMeds Editorial Team
November 25th, 2019
Patient and provider engage in conversation while nurse enters data

Ben and Regina explain that hub programs are meant to ease the burden of starting specialty therapies. However, not only are most patients not even aware that these support services exist, but traditional hub models often follow manual and inefficient workflows to coordinate care.

The two reveal that AMP: Access for More Patients™ is a new, tech-enabled approach to patient support that efficiently connects healthcare stakeholders to help patients access and adhere to their complex therapies.

In fact, a recent pilot study shows AMP accelerates the completion of reimbursement activities from weeks to just 11 days on average.

Read the article and download the pilot study to learn how this first-of-its-kind platform transforms the traditional hub model for patient support services.

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Austin Raper, Ph.D.CoverMyMeds Editorial Team

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