Preserving Trusted Brand Prescribing Through the Patient Journey

CoverMyMeds Editorial Team
January 18th, 2021
Pill bottle with access points inside

In a time of heightened uncertainty, whether due to current events or a recent diagnosis, technology can be a salve for both patients and providers. Intuitive solutions can help circumvent cost, benefit and complexity barriers so patients are better able to stay adherent to their prescribed medication.

In a recent article featured on Drug Channels, Julia Phillips, CoverMyMeds’ vice president of pharma accounts and enablement, details how specialized technology can help mitigate access and affordability barriers.

These solutions pave the path to access by providing price details and options at the point of prescription — especially beneficial for uninsured patients. They continue to help by expediting the prior authorization (PA) process when benefit barriers arise, and provide a single, automated platform for patients on specialty and complex therapies.

In our most recent technology solutions overview, Enabling Medication Access Through Technology, you’ll learn more about how technology can help all patients receive and stay adherent to their medications — regardless of where they are in their journey.

CoverMyMeds Editorial Team

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