Using Technology to Improve Medication Access and Impact More Patients

Patients can face many roadblocks on the path to medication access, and all are further complicated by COVID-19’s impact on healthcare. In a recent survey, 87 percent of patients reported changes in the way they interact with their healthcare team, and the majority of providers indicated COVID-19 has affected the way they work.CoverMyMeds COVID-19 Patient Survey,CoverMyMeds COVID-19 Provider Survey

CoverMyMeds Editorial Team
August 21st, 2020
RX Abstract

In a recent article featured on Drug Channels, Julia Phillips, VP of Pharma Accounts and Enablement at CoverMyMeds details how technology can help patients and providers overcome access barriers, no matter the healthcare environment.

Specifically, electronic prior authorization support combined with expert human touch can help more patients access their medications and stay adherent to their therapies — critically important when a global pandemic has impacted pharmacy and provider access.

Learn more about how CoverMyMeds technology helps overcome prior authorization medication access barriers in our recent case study, Overcoming Medication Access Barriers Caused by Prior Authorization.

CoverMyMeds Editorial Team
  1. 1. CoverMyMeds COVID-19 Patient Survey
  2. 2. CoverMyMeds COVID-19 Provider Survey

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