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Expanding How CoverMyMeds Helps Patients Access Their Medications

In a recent Drug Channels article, David Holladay, president, and Austin Raper, healthcare writer, of CoverMyMeds, uncover what’s on the horizon for patient medication access at CoverMyMeds and in the industry.

CoverMyMeds Editorial Team
April 6th, 2020
A woman at a pharmacy asking questions about her prescription

David explained since its beginnings as an electronic prior authorization company, CoverMyMeds has been working with partners to find the imperfect compromises that put patients first. He emphasized the people at CoverMyMeds see the importance of creating meaningful change beyond prior authorization, in all areas of medication access. To create effective solutions and move the needle, healthcare partners must be more aware than ever of patient needs.

To address these needs, the 2020 CoverMyMeds Medication Access report drills down into specific healthcare challenges patients face. In the Drug Channels post, Austin goes on to preview the industry-assessing report, which identifies specific needs: to align healthcare with patient consumerism, technology adoption and better specialty medication support.

__Read the article on Drug Channels and follow the link to read the full 2020 Medication Access Report to see how CoverMyMeds is staying true to our mission of helping patients. __

CoverMyMeds Editorial Team

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