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The Importance of Humanity in Medication Access

CoverMyMeds President David Holladay writes about the importance of empathy in patient care and how technology can elevate the healthcare experience in a recent post featured on Drug Channels.

CoverMyMeds Editorial Team
February 8th, 2021
cmm medication access report

The past year was a stark reminder of our humanity and the role health plays in our ability to thrive. In a recent Drug Channels post, CoverMyMeds President David Holladay highlights the critical need for patient-centered care, empowered by technology.

David discusses the 2021 Medication Access Report which details the role of all stakeholders, supported through vibrant patient stories and data insights. While patients may encounter barriers to affordability, access and adherence, the healthcare industry can help lift these by empowering providers and pharmacists with technology at each step of the patient journey.

Read the article on Drug Channels and follow the link to the full 2021 Medication Access Report to read how CoverMyMeds is staying true to our mission of helping patients.

CoverMyMeds Editorial Team

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