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Nathan Mott
Nathan Mott President
May 26th, 2021
CoverMyMeds' shared purpose.

I am excited to announce the unification of RelayHealth, McKesson Prescription Automation, CoverMyMeds, and RxCrossroads by McKesson as one business and one team under the CoverMyMeds brand.

For many years, we’ve shared a powerful network, deep customer relationships and a passion for helping people live healthier lives. Now, we’re unifying the strengths of each business — the technology innovation and robust connections to providers, pharmacies, payers, and biopharma provided by RelayHealth and CoverMyMeds; RxCrossroads’ deep therapeutic and drug commercialization expertise; and McKesson Prescription Automation’s trusted pharmacy automation technology and services — to help improve care in every setting and solve some of the biggest medication access, adherence and affordability challenges patients face.

This is what we all came here to do – solve big problems in healthcare on behalf of the patients we serve and ultimately pave the way to healthier lives.

In the last year alone, our teams collectively assisted over 50 million patients in accessing their prescribed therapies and also helped patients save billions of dollars in out-of-pocket prescription costs. Those 50 million people are our friends, neighbors, and family members who need help accessing and affording complex and expensive therapies when insurance is not enough. Each day we continue to make a bigger impact on our shared commitment, deliver greater value for our customers, create more opportunity for our employees, and positively contribute to the communities in which we live and work.

We continue to be a fast-growing technology company, operating at a scale that makes us part of everyday life in healthcare. Coming together as CoverMyMeds aligns our capabilities around the patient journey and creates a cohesive experience for our customers, patients and employees. Our unification also reflects McKesson’s continued commitment and investment in our brand, our customers and our employees, which ultimately positions us for long-term growth. In fact, Brian Tyler, the CEO of McKesson, recently shared that under a single cohesive go-to-market strategy, our business is positioned to accelerate its growth this year, as patient mobility improves and prescription trends recover.

We’ve learned that we’re much stronger together and by bringing together the best of each business, we’re building a united culture defined by our 5,000+ employees. I’m honored to lead this remarkable team alongside David Holladay, our President of Access and Adherence; Jim Rowe, our President of Pharmacy and Affordability; Shawn Seamans, our Chief Commercial Officer; John Beardsley, who leads our Patient Experience team; and many other incredible leaders. Together, as a unified organization, we’re continuing to be a best place to work and grow in healthcare for people who want to build remarkable things and make a difference in the lives of patients.

I’m looking forward to the great work that we’ll do together this year as one team to create a stronger business that further impacts our mission. Together, in partnership with pharmacies, providers, payers and biopharma manufacturers, we will help patients get on therapy, stay on therapy, and ultimately help improve health outcomes.

We have an incredible growth path and powerful future ahead of us as we continue the important work of helping people get the medicine they need to live healthier lives.

— Nathan

Nathan Mott
Nathan Mott President

Nathan Mott was the President of CoverMyMeds.

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